New User Intro from Deirddra in N.H., USA

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New User Intro from Deirddra in N.H., USA

Postby DeirddraLimoges on Thu Feb 06, 2020 10:30 pm

Hi there Fermentation Enthusiasts! My name is Deirddra. I've stumbled upon Wild Fermentation (am currently pawing through the book by the same name) and am enthusiastically devouring it all, bit by bite if you'll pardon the pun. I'm a beginner and a part-time grower of kombucha for the last 6 yrs, started out of desperation and thrift ($3.50 a bottle of store-bought was just too much for me). I morphed "by accident" or by lack of feeding into making really tangy kombucha vinegar which I use for everything from seasoning food, to using a diluted container in the shower for hair and scalp conditioner. About 3 months ago I began a batch of apple cider vinegar and seem successful, but it doesn't' taste like Braggs or other commercial vinegar, its kinda flat tasting not that powerful tang I expect from commercial vinegar and even some of my own kombucha vinegar, I wonder why? Now I'd like to become more consistent about making both kefir and yogurt, which I began over 6 weeks ago using a dried packed starter for each, with success. I'm lucky to have access to good raw cow dairy here and want to be fortifying my diet with lots of good probiotics. My question is this: if I'm getting raw dairy, which would presumably have all kinds of good biotics in it, from the cow, how do I make yogurt from that without losing all those other biotics through heating the milk to 180'f ? and still grow the yogurt cultures? How do I produce yogurt that has LOTS of different cultured probiotics in it? Or does each form of biotic come from different foods???
Last question: I am a sauerkraut failure, :( . Kombucha mother, loves me soo much, I have oodles of kombucha scobys, my apple cider vinegar has a beautiful mother growing on top, the yogurt is a little fussy about me but we're coming to terms, the kefir and I on batch #2 are getting to be great friends......but sauerkraut???? She does not like me, YET :) Would seriously like to talk to an expert and would also love to make crunchy kraut, like "Bubbies" Sauerkraut from Canada. Thanks all. Looking forward to learning more fermenting with you. PS - anyone who would like some kombucha scobys? I'd trade you for some heirloom yogurt or kefir strains. Or I would just give them to you if you pay for postage. Cheers, Deirddra
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Re: New User Intro from Deirddra in N.H., USA

Postby Christopher Weeks on Fri Feb 07, 2020 5:53 am

Welcome to Wild Fermentation!

You're now able to start conversations in the various topic-boards, so feel free to focus any specific questions you have into those.
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