"Sweet" sauerkraut

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"Sweet" sauerkraut

Postby texashuman on Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:03 pm

Here is another one that will get your sauerkraut haters to do a double take.

Something to think about. Many vegetables get a stronger flavor the larger/riper/the less fresh they get.

So take advantage of this.

Find the smallest regular cabbage you can. Rough cut.
Find the freshest small turnips (tennis ball size or smaller) grated.
Smallish fresh 1015 or colossal sweet onions. Rough cut. (These babies can really be eaten like an apple.)
Baby Carrots. Grated.
Sweet Bulb onions as fresh as possible. Rough cut tops and all.
Small fresh Serrano peppers. Small ones are milder and sweeter. medium cut

Follow my directions in the TEX-MEX post.

This is likely to be one that will make so much brine that it overflows.
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