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Re: thin yogurt

Postby sequoia on Mon May 31, 2010 5:04 am

I had interesting results making yogurt from raw goat milk. I bought some goat milk yogurt as a starter: one small container of yogurt for one liter of fresh goat milk. I did it first in a cooler with bottles of hot water, which came out a bit runny with some thicker clumps in it. Then I made another batch using someone's yogurt maker (just a contraption that keeps the yogurt at a constant warm temperature) and it came out lovely and thick. However, the next time I used one of my own yogurts as the starter, and the result was thin. Why would it be different from a store-bought yogurt versus a yogurt from my previous batch? Shouldn't they be about the same? The yogurt I bought was all natural, nothing added.

I've also been wondering about this whole heating the milk thing. I didn't heat mine, since it was raw and I wanted to keep it that way (I don't believe the temperature of yogurt-making is high enough to "cook" it), but I'm wondering why so many people do heat it up, even when starting with raw milk.
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