cultivating rhizopus from rot

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cultivating rhizopus from rot

Postby whalesounds on Tue May 15, 2018 3:37 pm

aka exciting tempeh research part 2...

as it hits 95F today in new orleans it seems time to continue what I left off on last fall, namely trying to find local sources of tempeh culture. Not like the powder, like, moldy bread or fruit. Most food science publications I've read about rhizopus refer to it as a "ubiquitous fungus," ie, like staph, it's everywhere and ready to infect various foods. So why pay for it?
While r. oligosporus aka microsporus gets most attention as "the tempeh mold," oryzae and stolonifer have also been documented in tempeh in indonesia. A lot of ag research goes into preventing r. stolonifer rot on sweet potato, tomato, papaya and bread, so I'm going to start with those. The plan is to let some sweet potatoes rot hopefully the right way (i did a lot of reading to ID the "right rot"), mix the spores into some distilled water, and follow normal tempeh instructions subbing in the rot/water mix for the powder. I might also try a batch straight up rubbing the rot into the beans, as there's usually a warning against putting tempeh up when the beans are too wet. Stay tuned for graphic descriptions...

inspiration partially from this study, in which various rhizopus species were cultivated from rice and papaya (aka pawpaw in many places), though with far more exacting methodology: ... pecies.pdf
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