Yellow split pea miso first try query

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Yellow split pea miso first try query

Postby ATX on Tue Nov 20, 2018 7:36 pm

First try w/ Noma Peaso

1000g Mitoku Dried Barley Koji- ground
800g dry yellow split peas rinsed, soaked and cooked till tender, cooled
100g salt

Prepared and packed into a sanitized cylindral glass jar, salted top and covered loosely w clear wrap onto the surface, weighted (4#) and covered with cheesecloth.

After 9 days at room temp (70 degrees) the aroma is decidedly alcoholic and fruity.
I'm thinking this is not what I should be smelling but as this is my first rodeo, I have no idea.

If anyone has sage advice for a miso newbie, I'd appreciate it
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Re: Yellow split pea miso first try query

Postby cerbu on Wed Nov 21, 2018 9:42 am

move to cold storage and consume fast if you like the taste , next time use more salt , weigh the paste than add the salt and knead , eg. you had about 2500 g koji+peas paste and 100 g salt , that's 4% salt . I use ~5,5% for 12 days , 10% for 3 month , 14% for 6 month-1year+; koji to legume ratio & aging temperature also important, and you want minimal air exposure but not air tight

le: orientative chart there
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