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Natto with ammonia aftertaste

PostPosted: Thu Apr 04, 2019 11:11 pm
by nmidler
After an unsuccessful first attempt, my last two attempts at making natto have been great. The natto is nice and stringy.

After eating most of it, i noticed in the last batch one serving has a very very strong aftertaste, that lingered in my nose. It is an ammonia like smell. My current batch just finished yesterday, super stringy. First bowl was yummy, today's serving had that same aftertaste.

So, my question is, does anyone have suggestions for how to counter-balance the ammonia smell? Is there something in particular i can add, or do, that would help handle this smell. I love natto flavor and texture but when that ammonia aftertaste kicks in its TERRIBLE.

Re: Natto with ammonia aftertaste

PostPosted: Fri Apr 05, 2019 1:00 am
by cerbu
try this: after 20 hours unplug the heat source, refrigerate after 24 h, store under 4-5 deg C