Sauerkraut probiotic count versus ferment period

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Sauerkraut probiotic count versus ferment period

Postby stone on Fri Jul 07, 2017 7:15 pm


I fermented a first sauerkraut batch for 4 weeks.
And it was very salty and seemed to always induce a
trip to the bathroom. Which was bothersome but after
a short time seemed to make me feel much better over all.

Now I've fermented a second batch for 6 weeks, 3 days.
And I was careful to not over salt and with the extra time it
seems to be a little bit more sour and tender with better
overall taste.
But with this batch I'm not getting the intestinal response
like before.

So, what's likely going on here?
Has my body changed that much?
Or can you make sauerkraut without getting many microorganisms?

I know there's no way to answer this definitely. But what is
likely going on here from some of you more experienced kraut


I was trying to get a better more sour tasting ferment. But now I can
eat a large bowl without the cleansing effect.

I had thought that I was getting a die off and a purging on this
first batch. Now I'm confused by the second batch. Is a die off
an immediate thing? Or is this a more lengthy process.
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Re: Sauerkraut probiotic count versus ferment period

Postby JohnDulleck on Sat Jul 08, 2017 4:36 pm

This is only hearsay, but I have read/heard a number of sources recommend that people new to fermented veggies start off slow, eating maybe a tablespoon per day until you know your response to the probiotics. The reason given was to avoid intestinal upset until your body adjusts.

So what you are seeing is probably just you body getting used to the amount of probiotics found in a normal ferment.
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