How to ferment sea vegetables, esp. chlorella, Spirulina ke?

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How to ferment sea vegetables, esp. chlorella, Spirulina ke?

Postby christiantguthrie1 on Thu Nov 10, 2011 1:46 pm


I am new to fermentation.

I have just fermented by first few batches of beverages using water kefir grains.

I am interested in knowing if/how fermenting Kelp, Chlorella and Spirulina would improve there digestability.

More specificily, would fermenting chlorella help break down the cellulose outer cell of Chlorella? Do bacteria produce the enzyme cellulase to break down cellulase?

If yes what bacteria would be best to use, and how would I obtain it. Would water kefir, whey from raw milk kefir, or other obtainable bacteria be better?
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Re: How to ferment sea vegetables, esp. chlorella, Spirulina

Postby nasal on Wed Dec 28, 2011 4:36 pm

interesting question!

personally, i'd go with lacto-fermentation as opposed to kefiring with any type of veggie. kefir grains eat milk sugars. of course, they can also eat sugars in fruits and coconut milk and loads of other liquids. however, i don't know if there are enough sugars in sea vegetables to keep the kefir happy. perhaps ground up into a slurry with a healthy load of added honey or other sweetener? it may be easier just to submerge the whole sea veggies in salty water and ferment it like kraut.

no experience here - just guesses. anyone ever tried?

please post your experiments here if you decide to try kefiring your veggies and let us know how it goes!
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