Testing ferment for sugar

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Testing ferment for sugar

Postby baerdric on Sun Apr 01, 2018 11:02 am

So as an ex-diabetic on a keto/IF diet, I am concerned about the presence of sugars in my ferments. I had been doing it by taste, which is probably pretty accurate because since I am not acclimated to sugar, I can detect it pretty easily in foods.

But I wanted a calibrated reading of some sort.

Enter the 10 Parameter reagent strip.
These were about $19 for 150 so about $0.13 per strip.

Anyway, the important parts are the one closest to my thumb, (glucose=negative), the 4th one up (specific gravity<1.030), and the 6th one, (pH<5)(I should get a better test for this). Each reagent has a different reaction rate (listed) so this photo was taken past the time for some readings and before the time for others, but you can see how it works. You just compare the colors. https://i.imgur.com/1Oqf0Pj.jpg

I don't know how helpful that is, but my fizzy lime-aid now tastes unsweetened, and fairly tart.
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