First lacto-fermented soda is a disaster in the making

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First lacto-fermented soda is a disaster in the making

Postby demigraf on Thu Dec 17, 2009 6:34 am

I am brand new to this. Tonight was supposed to be my first batch of lacto-fermented soda. I made my sugary blueberry liquid base. I had yogurt whey I strained off a couple weeks ago. I was all ready to go. Except I decided to strain my whey through a coffee filter one more time to get it less cloudy. Well, just as I was pouring the last droplets of whey from the bowl into the measuring cup, I drop the heavy bowl onto the measuring cup. That knocks my cup over and all but 1/4 cup of my whey went spilling onto the counter. Then I run to the store at 1 am to grab some more yogurt. I wasn't familiar with the brand and forgot to check the ingredients. Well, in my rush to get out of the store and save my brew, I ended up buying the brand with gelatin in it. But I didn't figure that out until I had the yogurt straining in the cheesecloth puzzling over why no liquid was dripping down. Now I am left with a few questions:

1) I have a gallon of the sugary fruit and liquid soda base already in the jar and I added the quarter cup of whey I had left to it with the juice from half a lemon. I figured at least some culture could get the process started. Is there any way my mixture will keep as is until I wake up, go to the store, get the right yogurt, make the whey and finally add it to the brew (about 15 hours from now)?

2) My recipe said after squeezing out the lemon juice, I'm supposed to throw in the rind as well. Does this mean I should scoop out the remaining pulp from the squeezed lemon and throw the whole thing in? Or should I grate the rind and add those bits to my brew? The recipe wasn't clear to me there.

3) And off topic, is there anything I could make with all this extra yogurt? I probably won't eat it because of the gelatin, but I have less picky eaters to feed.

Thanks for reading this. I'm hoping to hear I can save this disaster.
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