How best to store SCOBY's?

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How best to store SCOBY's?

Postby creosoted on Mon Feb 09, 2015 1:20 pm

I typically make several 2.5 gal batches of kombucha at a time (in wide-mouthed glass containers). I end up with very nice, thick scobies that are about 1 ft in diameter. I usually keep 1-2 of them in my batches so they brew quicker and fuller each time, but eventually I need to get rid of some. I've heard mixed advice on best way to store the extra scobies..Some say to put in frig other leave out at room temp. Curious what others do on this forum.

Do you just keep a jar of them stacked like pancakes filled with kombucha? Would you need to add anything to the jar over time? What would be the life expectancy if stored?

thanks for the help!
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Re: How best to store SCOBY's?

Postby Christopher Weeks on Mon Feb 09, 2015 2:56 pm

I'm an intermittent newbie at kombucha, but I just throw them in a jar with some sweet tea, stacked up like pancakes, as you say. I usually get tired of kombucha after a year and then compost them all, take a year off and repeat. But during my year, that SCOBY-hotel seems to keep them alive the whole time.
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