Mould on Kombucha...Saved with ACV!

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Mould on Kombucha...Saved with ACV!

Postby AlexandraPchb on Mon Feb 16, 2015 2:38 pm

I know I shouldn't perhaps post this but when I got my first kombucha scobi, I made too big a batch of cold sweetened tea and the kombucha scobi didn't come with liquid (as it was sent through the post) as well as being quite small. I was too keen, and nothing happened for a few days except a couple of 10p pieces size of blue...mould growing on top! Desperately blue mould! Not white, nor brown... oh dear.

I went and searched the web for answers and found out I had to throw it ALL away and start again - well, not having much money I didn't want to waste £5 that the scobi had cost me, so I decided instead to remove the 2 spots of blue mould, and added about a glass of live apple cider vinegar I had in the cupboard (again, something some recommend not using as there is live mother with the vinegar) . But.... It worked!

From what I had read, my tea had moulded because it was not acidic enough so the mould had started to grow as the scobi wasn't potent enough, but it soon dealt with any left invisible offenders and grew a very healthy, large scoby which now is supplying me with beautiful kombucha.

I must have had about 3 litres of sweetened tea for a scobi about 10cm in diametre....
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Re: Mould on Kombucha...Saved with ACV!

Postby Christopher Weeks on Tue Feb 17, 2015 8:30 am

Yay! That's important knowledge and people need to be able to make informed decisions about mold, rather than just running in fear.
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