Curiosity regarding symbiotic cultures (kefirs)

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Curiosity regarding symbiotic cultures (kefirs)

Postby xelaris on Sat Nov 25, 2017 4:16 am


I've been reading the forum posts with some avidity now and i got a wealth of information and i have some practical work to do :D

Some of the topics that raised my interest even further were those events where users obtained dextran in their cultures, be it (mostly, from what i've read) ginger beer bug, pickling or other fermentation processes.
Dextran is described as a translucent slime with a neutral odor (so different then the stinky slimes) it is mainly produced by Leuconostoc and Lactobacillus spp. and is the most important ingredient in the forming of symbiotes.
I wanted to ask the community, did you ever obtain the "organized" grains or symbiotic cultures spontaneously?
The scientific literature on the topic of forming symbiotes is very scant at best but who knows more of this than a brewing community and practical work :D

I suspect that tibicos or water kefir can be obtained spontaneously from brewing the ginger beer bug which showed signs of producing dextran at first, with enough passings (or using part of the original bug and transfer it into a fresh ginger solution), over a period of a few weeks to months, it will (probably) form spontaneous symbiotic relations with other bacteria and yeasts and finally organize itself into grains.
I want to confirm my suspicions now :)

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Re: Curiosity regarding symbiotic cultures (kefirs)

Postby FermentMyGirlfriend on Fri Dec 29, 2017 6:17 am

I bought already fermented kombucha. While I was drinking it, over days somethink like litle mother maybe started to form.

I started to feed this kombucha drink with more sugary black tea, and really, this mother started to grow.

So from buying 1 drink I can now make kombucha forever.
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