Fermentation vessels and cleaning

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Fermentation vessels and cleaning

Postby casperclouds on Sat Jul 18, 2020 8:36 am


I'm a new user to the forum. I've been dabbling in Kumbucha and Keffir over the last year.

This is probably a very novice question but i wondered what people use in terms of their fermentation vessels and how they tend to go about cleaning these.

Information around this online seems quite scattered, some places don't really mention it. Others talk about just putting them in the dish washer or regular cleaning, some talk about boiling your jugs or baking them, some talk about brewers cleaning solutions and others say you don't necessarily need to.

I've been using a kilner jar for the first ferment of kefir (or kumbucha) and transferring to flip top glass bottles for the 2nd ferment. I tend clean the bottles regularly and then bake them in the oven after each use. I looked into the cleaning solutions but these seem to leave a residue?

I just wondered how this tallies with what other people do?

Again apologies if this is a simplistic post and has been answered elsewhere.
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Re: Fermentation vessels and cleaning

Postby Christopher Weeks on Mon Jul 20, 2020 6:55 am

I don't keep those ferments these days, but I kept kombucha brewing for a few years. When I did, I kept it in large jar (3 gal?) with a dispensing tap. My general protocol for cleaning glass is to wash it with Dawn and hot water when it first enters my house or if I have reason to think it has gotten substantially dirty. Otherwise, I just rinse dust off in tap-water before using. If the glass has had mold growth, I sometimes wipe it off with white vinegar. This seems to be enough in my setting.
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