Recommendations for a fridge for crashing out yeast?

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Recommendations for a fridge for crashing out yeast?

Postby on Sun Jul 28, 2019 2:24 pm

Hi everyone!

I moved, and now the fridge I have is way too small to put in my small carboys for hard ginger beer. And now I live where there is free wild/neighbor fruit and I'd love to try more fruit wines! But all these seem like they'd benefit from a few days in the fridge to crash out/precipitate out most yeast before I bottle. Any suggestions for picking out such a fridge other than size and making sure I can fit my carboy inside?

I will probably use it as a backup/secondary fridge for food. Especially when I get a flatmate. I was just going to use craigslist.

Can you tell my priorities based on getting a fridge for booze making before getting myself a roommate?? :D
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Re: Recommendations for a fridge for crashing out yeast?

Postby Christopher Weeks on Mon Jul 29, 2019 11:09 am

I've never done the process that you're talking about and so I don't really know what goes into the decision, but I had for several years, a chest-freezer that we got for $50 on Craigslist on a temperature controller to keep it cycling at warm-fridge temperatures. I loved that, though it eventually died and I haven't replaced it. So that's one option if you have the space and the one I had would hold three five-gallon carboys as well as several one-gallon jars of pickles.
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Re: Recommendations for a fridge for crashing out yeast?

Postby khoomeizhi on Sun Aug 18, 2019 6:26 am

yep, a chest freezer with a thermostat added to keep in fridge range is best - beyond that, any fridge with a space in it with enough space vertically for your carboy+airlock.

for wines though, i always just use time. it will drop clear eventually. i understand that with ginger beers you want to keep your carbpnation for the final product, for wines you don't need (or necessarily want) to drop the yeast out before it's done converting all sugars to alcohol.
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